Welcome to our online ordering system! Click here for an overview on how to use it , or view a video tutorial here for help getting started.  (Currently only available in N. America)    

Please note our remit to address for check payment has changed to Gilchrist & Soames, PO Box 870  Plainfield IN  46168-0870.  You may still pay by credit card online.

Online Ordering Overview

Please see below for information on how to use our online ordering system. If you have any questions, contact Customer Care at 888-227-9845 or customer@gilchristsoames.com. Representatives are available from 8:00am - 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.


Features of our online ordering system

Our new online ordering system delivers an experience customised just for you. Once you login, the product page displays only those products that you regularly order from Gilchrist & Soames, along with information to the right of the screen that displays yourspecific sales and service contacts in case you need to be in touch with them at any time during the ordering process. You are also able to view important account information like order history, tracking information, credit status, open and paid invoices, your account number and billing & shipping addresses. You may also pay invoices online using a credit card or request to be invoiced. 

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Logging In

You may have received an email containing a username and password. If so, log in using this information. If you haven't yet received it, please contact your account representative or our customer care department to receive these details. 

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Placing an order

Our online ordering system displays products and pricing specific to your account in a convenient dashboard. To place an order, all you need to do is enter how many cases or pieces of each item on your product dashboard that you'd like to order. Notice that some items are sold individually - these will have 'EA' next to the quantity field. Items sold by the case will display 'CS' next to the quantity field -- please make sure you order accordingly. Once you've filled in the quantities next to each item, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Add to Basket'. 

Next you'll see a summary of the items in the your cart. You can adjust quantities by making a change, then clicking 'Update Shopping Cart'. 

You'll see a subtotal for each item, and a grand total in the lower right corner. If freight is negotiated, please refer to to your invoice for the complete order total. You'll also notice that the prices have four digits after the decimal, because we offer four-decimal pricing. Don't worry though, on your invoice amounts are rounded to the nearest cent. If everything looks good, proceed to checkout. 

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The checkout process

The checkout process consists of five steps to complete.

First, select your billing address. Generally this will already be filled out and selected for you. Just click continue.

Now choose where you want the shipment to go. Click the drop-down to select from the options set up in your account. If you find that you need to ship to an address not already configured, just pick up the phone and call your account representative.

Choose the shipping method based on how quickly you’d like your order to arrive. Generally you’ll want to use ground shipping, but we do have the ability to expedite orders as quickly as the next day. You may also opt to split your shipment into two orders and only expedite the items and quantity you need quickly.

Next, choose how to pay for the order. Your account may allow for multiple options. If you select Credit Card, you’ll fill out the typical fields. If you choose Invoice, you won’t pay now but will be billed after the items ship.

Finally, fill out your name so that we know who to talk with if there are any problems with the order, and if your account requires it, fill in a purchase order or other reference number. If you don’t have a purchase order number, you can enter the date, a name or department name.

That’s it -- give your order one final review to be sure you’ve ordered the right items, the shipping and grand total look correct, and you’re sending the items to the right address.Once you have looked it all over, click 'Place Order'.

You'll then see a confirmation message letting you know that the order was placed successfully. If there was a problem with your credit status or if an item you ordered is out of stock, you'll be notified on this screen as well.  An email with your order confirmation will also be sent. 

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Reordering from a previous order

Placing orders with our online ordering system is already easy, but now we've made it even easier. You can now create an order based on a previous order. To do that, simply visit 'History > My Orders' in the top right of the screen to view your previously placed orders. At the top of the list you'll see orders placed using the online ordering system. Below that, you'll see orders placed via phone, fax or email. For an placed using the online ordering system, simply find the order you'd like to duplicate and click 'View'. You'll then review the order to ensure the products and quantities included are what you'd like to order again, and then simply click on 'Reorder'. You'll go straight to the cart with those items and quantities added. If you need to adjust the quantities, simply make the change in the quantity field and then click 'Update Shopping Cart'. If there are additional items you'd like to add, click 'Continue Shopping'. 

For orders placed with us directly, by phone or email, first click 'View Order' to confirm the items and quantities included in the order. Then use your browser’s back button to return to the list of orders, click 'Reorder' next to the order you’d like to duplicate. You’ll be taken to the main Product page, and the quantities from your order will already have been added. Review this information, make any changes desired, then click 'Add to Basket'.

That’s it! Enjoy this convenient feature, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your support team with any questions.

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Managing your account

Because the Customer Portal experience is customized for your account, we require that you contact your account support team to make changes to most of the information. There are a few places in the system where you can look to see your account’s details. Your account name and the email address associated with your account are displayed on the ‘Account Information’ page. Call your account support team to make changes to those.

You can make a change to your password directly from this screen. To make the change, click the box next to ‘Change Password’ and type your current password, then type and confirm the new password. Click ‘Save’ and the change is made.

The billing and shipping addresses for your account are displayed by going to ‘Account > My Addresses’. You can see which addresses are set as the default billing address and shipping address, and you can also see additional optional addresses that have been configured.

Again, to make a change or addition to any of this information, contact your account support team. The products displayed in your customized online ordering system  are also configured by your account team. If you’d like to add products to this screen because you’ll be ordering them regularly, just let us know and we’ll be happy to make the change.

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Tracking orders

It’s easy to check on the status of your orders using our online ordering system. Start by clicking ‘History > My Orders’. Remember that this page has two sections, with orders placed online showing at the top and orders placed via phone, fax or email at the bottom. For orders placed online the status shows in the ‘Order Status’ column. To see any available shipping details, click ‘View Order’. If the order has been shipped, or just partially shipped, you’ll see ‘Track Your Order’ here. Click on it to see the latest information reported by the shipping company.

 For orders placed offline, the status is also displayed in this column. While you can view the order to see what it includes, offline orders do not show shipping information here. Contact your account support team with questions about the status. 

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Paying invoices online

In those cases where you’d like to use a credit card to pay for a previous order, we’ve made it easy. To get started, click ‘History > My Invoices’. In the list of invoices, you’ll see ‘Pay Now’ next to any open invoice. Find the invoice you’d like to pay and click ‘Pay Now’.  On the ‘Pay Invoice’ screen, enter your standard credit card details, then click ‘Pay Now’.

You’ll be returned to the list of Invoices and you’ll see a confirmation message that the payment was successful.

Very important -- the status of the invoice will not change for 2-3 business days, so make sure you don’t double-pay an invoice because of this! If you have any questions or if you need the payment status to be updated quickly, just call your account support team.